Helping suppliers increase market share and revenue from 1999

Sabat Group has bought and shipped second hand goods of over 63,200 tons in the past 24 years. We are a trusted partner of many big manufacturers and suppliers across the globe. We are actively looking for new suppliers.

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We mainly work with suppliers from Sweden, Noway, UK, and EU

High quality is something we have delivered our target markets for over 24 years. Our key suppliers are from Sweden and Norway, but we also have suppliers in the EU, UK and several other countries.

We mainly deliver: Used clothes, shoes, bags, toys, Bric and Brac

Our target markets have high demand in various types of goods (second hand and new). The majority of our business comes from selling used clothes, house hold items, shoes, toys, bags, etc.

We recycle: 100% of excess, and are responsible of the entire value chain

All the second hand goods are sorted at our warehouses and any fabric or other goods that do not meet the quality standards, will be recycled into pillows, blankets etc - using our modern recycling technologies.

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