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About Sabat Company.

Sabat Company has been active in the industry from 1999, and since date founded has shipped over 3424 containers full of second hand and new goods that weighted over 63,000 tons.


Containers shipped

Since day one we have shipped nearly 3500 shipping containers.


Tons loaded and shipped

A great amount of goods have been loaded and sorted since day one.


Years of experience

All the years have teached us how to be effective and exceed demand.

Our story/

It all started in 1999 in Sweden

Sabat Company/FZCO has been in second hand business since 1999. The business initiated first with Myrorna in Skärholmen, Stockholm, Sweden, and later in 2001 expanded to Norway through Fretex International, Oslo, Norway.

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Sabat Company is a Worldwide Trading Company

Sabat Company stands as a distinguished entity within the global trading landscape. Our journey commenced in Iraq in 1999, followed by official registrations in Turkey in 2008 and Dubai in 2013. Primarily, Sabat is deeply immersed in the international recycling sector, where we hold the distinction of being Iraq's foremost importer of second-hand goods. These goods span various categories, encompassing clothing, summer and winter footwear, bags, toys, household items, blankets, and more. Our inventory predominantly comprises high-quality items sourced from Sweden and Norway, two nations renowned for their exemplary living standards, thereby underscoring the exceptional quality of our products on a global scale.

Since its inception, Sabat has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its horizons into the realm of international transport through our Turkish branch. This strategic move has enabled us to forge direct international business relationships. Consequently, Sabat has become adept at transporting goods from across the globe to the Kurdistan region of Iraq, bolstering our presence on the international stage.

Sabat's core VISION is encapsulated in the phrase, "THE ENVIRONMENT IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY." Anchored in this unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, our 25-year tenure in the recycling industry has contributed significantly to the conservation of billions of liters of drinking water on our planet. Furthermore, in alignment with extensive international research attesting to the paramount importance of recycling for environmental sustainability, Sabat has undertaken commendable initiatives. We have executed modest yet impactful projects aimed at generating environmentally friendly energy through solar cells and have undertaken extensive tree-planting endeavors within Iraq.

As we set our gaze upon the future, Sabat aspires to deepen its involvement in environmental initiatives, solidifying our dedication to preserving the Earth's resources for generations to come.


Sabat Company has established a prominent presence in the recycling sector, bridging Scandinavia and Iraqi Kurdistan for over a quarter-century. Our foray into this industry commenced with the importation of clothing from Sweden towards the conclusion of 1998. By 2002, Sabat had broadened its horizons, including used clothing from Norway in its repertoire. This strategic expansion was underpinned by a profound belief in the untapped potential of this niche. Despite the regional volatility, Sabat exhibited remarkable growth, culminating in a total of 210 shipments by the year 2011. The enduring success of this endeavor can be attributed to the robust trade relationships forged between Iraq and the Scandinavian nations.

In addition to our recycling endeavors, Sabat has actively engaged in diverse business ventures, including transportation services. In 2008, we formalized our presence in Turkey, thereby unlocking opportunities to facilitate the transportation of goods from various corners of the globe to the Middle East. This strategic move has fortified our position as a multifaceted entity poised to navigate the complexities of the global business landscape.


Sabat is a privately held business enterprise with a primary objective of cultivating enduring partnerships with Western corporations. Our central headquarters are situated in Erbil, Northern Iraq, complemented by an additional office located in Mersin, Turkey, which serves as a pivotal hub for orchestrating the seamless transportation of goods from abroad to the Kurdistan region. Notably, Sabat maintains dedicated representatives in both Sweden and Denmark, fortifying our global outreach.

The composition of our workforce is a matter of deliberate consideration, with a keen focus on individuals' backgrounds and extensive industry experience. For new recruits, Sabat implements a comprehensive training program, meticulously outlining tasks and responsibilities to ensure a clear understanding and alignment with the company's objectives.

Sabat distinguishes itself from the majority of private enterprises in Iraq by adopting a forward-thinking approach towards the well-being of its employees. Our commitment to employee welfare is exemplified by salaries that exceed prevailing market rates. Furthermore, Sabat extends a unique financial benefit, allowing each employee to request a loan, subject to a thorough review, without incurring any interest. Annually, Sabat acknowledges and rewards its workforce based on individual achievements, fostering a culture of recognition and appreciation within the organization.


Sabat Company operates a dedicated financial support fund, designed to provide assistance to disadvantaged individuals. Since its inception, Sabat has consistently allocated a predetermined percentage of its profit margins to this benevolent fund. These contributions have been instrumental in offering aid to individuals afflicted by illness, particularly those grappling with cancer, as well as extending support to underprivileged students and young individuals facing the financial challenges associated with marriage, a notable facet of Middle Eastern tradition.

This fund has also played a pivotal role in assisting victims of both armed conflicts and natural disasters, including regions such as Haiti, Afghanistan, areas affected by ISIS incursions, and earthquake-stricken communities in Turkey. In collaboration with additional financial resources from the company, the fund has facilitated the realization of significant humanitarian projects. These endeavors encompass the construction of a primary school, the renovation of key infrastructure, such as main roads connecting numerous villages in Iraqi Kurdistan, the implementation of solar cell systems to provide sustainable energy solutions to impoverished villagers, and the provision of shelter to homeless individuals through the establishment of settlement houses. Sabat's commitment to philanthropy stands as a testament to its dedication to improving the lives of those in need, both locally and globally.

Our values/

The values that drive everything we do.

Sabat Company keeps its simple principles at sight, so our team and partners can always know what to expect and get from us.

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Quality is paramount to a business as it directly influences customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and long-term success.

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Commitment is pivotal to a business as it fosters consistency, drives perseverance, and fuels the achievement of organizational goals amidst challenges.

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Teamwork is essential to a business as it harnesses diverse skills, enhances collaboration, and maximizes collective productivity towards shared objectives.

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A long-term perspective is crucial to a business as it enables strategic planning, sustainable growth, and the cultivation of enduring relationships with stakeholders.

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Life quality

The quality of life is important to a business as it impacts employee well-being, productivity, and overall organizational vitality.

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Rewarding employees is important to a business as it recognizes and motivates their contributions, fostering job satisfaction and retention while bolstering a positive work culture.

Sabat CompanY in short /

We mainly work with suppliers from Sweden, Noway, UK, and EU

High quality is something we have delivered our target markets for over 24 years. Our key suppliers are from Sweden and Norway, but we also have suppliers in the EU, UK and several other countries.

We mainly deliver: Used clothes, shoes, bags, toys, Bric and Brac

Our target markets have high demand in various types of goods (second hand and new). The majority of our business comes from selling used clothes, house hold items, shoes, toys, bags, etc.

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Managing team/

The managing team members behind Sabat.

Zafer Kaya
Representative in Turkey
Tishko Ali
Regional Manager in Iraq
Sarko Hassan Baker
Company Relations in Iraq
Rang Baker
Representative in Sweden
Mariwan Baker
Website Designer
Hassan Baker Hussein
General Director
Ahmad Ibrahim
Accountant in Iraq